Tracks of my years

Music is attached to every memory I have. I particularly love soundtracks, and the way they can take you out of an average day to somewhere else much more exciting. They have to be listened to with earphones. Either walking, running or travelling. Interstellar got me round 2 hour training runs, Cinematic Orchestra enhanced the visuals of small Mexican towns en route to Tulum, the whole of Alan Partridge Alpha Papa just makes everything better (the Ski Sunday theme is on it), Lost in Translation and Drive are hazy, dreamlike masterpieces.

This was also used in the final scene of The Theory of Everything, where they reverse Stephen Hawking's life. I don't think many people could get away with not crying and it's largely down to the power of this piece of music.

Of all the composers I love, Hans Zimmer is my favourite. I had a tape of Rainman in 1991 on a school trip to Wales, Gladiator (and Thomas Newman's American Beauty) remind me of my first job in London, only the Thin Red Line fitted the bill after the shock of 9/11, I left a job listening to Man of Steel, and Interstellar just covers everything really, both joy and immense sadness.

Finally, possibly the best use of music in a film OF ALL TIME.